Technical specifications

Installation depth: 15 cm - 50 cm
Distance: 20 cm - 1m
Flow rate: 4 - 6 l/m*h
Pressure range: 0,2 - 1,0 bar, Optimum: 0,6 bar
Compatible with standard components: 1/2 “
Maximum laying length without pressure loss: 100 m
Filtering in poor water quality: 120 mesh

The installation options

In professional usage the mipotube® is used in agriculture, landscaping, horticulture and for public sports venues.

Depending on the plant and terrain different installation techniques are used. From a manual laying up to special laying machines we offer various custom options.

Basically the mipotube® is laid between the planted rows that are to be irrigated. Here the tube distributes the water as a natural membrane over its entire area and its entire length. Thereby, the ground around the mipotube® becomes a humid zone due to the natural capillary. In order to obtain optimal results, the spacing of the rows is selected in relation to the soil conditions and the plant species.


Installation types

Individual irrigation

In the case of separately growing shrubs and trees, the mipotube® is laid spirally around the trunk. The distance of the tube inside the spiral should be at 10-20 cm, depending on the water demand. A minimum installation depth of 10 cm is recommended. Thus, each plant receives optimal water supply.

Row irrigation

For irrigation of row crops such as vegetables, hedges or espalier fruit, the mipotube® is laid below the crop row before the planting. For existing plantations two hoses in suitable distance to the left and right of the crop row should be installed. This is also recommended for larger trees with correspondingly higher water demand and stronger rooting. The burial depth depends on the irrigated culture and the respective rooting. In general, a depth of 20 - 30 cm is optimal. Thus it is guaranteed that exactly the right amount of water arrives without unnecessary losses at the plants.

Area irrigation

For area irrigation of e.g. lawn, ground cover or cereals the mipotube® is laid at a distance of 20 - 30 cm depending on the type of soil (light, medium or heavy). The burial depth depends on the irrigated culture and the respective rooting. For lawn a burial depth of 10 cm is recommended. In deep-rooted cereals the depth should not be less than 20 cm. Thus, a uniform and universal coverage with water is guaranteed.